Tender – Unsolicited! – Review

Two days ago, a letter arrived in the mail.  I’m going to share a good portion of it with you because I found it tender and sweet and it touched me deeply.

The Scent of the Wild brought back so many memories of my own dysfunctional family histories – so well written – wonderful descriptions that made you aware of the personalities, feeling close enough to sense their hurts. … Those of us who love nature have the Scent of the Wild in us always.  As a 4-year old evacuee from London’s blitz during WWII I often took to the moors along (Dartmoor) in wonderful south Devonshire.  I felt so at home being close to the earth and seemed to identify with every small creature…just below my eyes on the ground….It amazes me how people like yourself can fill in the blanks of a wonderful plot and write so much detail…thank you again for sharing – I loved the book.

Thank you, M.M. for opening your heart and sharing with me how the novel brought memories and meaning into your thoughts and feelings.  I’m so very grateful.

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Reading Tonight

Tonight, at 7pm, Barb Warden and I will share our work.  Barb will talk about the finiculars in Golden and read from her historical book.  I’ll talk a little about my novel of abandonment, Scent of the Wild and we’ll answer questions and have fun chatting.  Refreshments

Barb will discuss this historical book tonight.

will be provided and there’s lots of free parking.  So come and bring a friend!

YourAshtanga Yoga Studio

610  10th Street (just off Ford)



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Energetic, Inquisitive Book Group in Charlotte

Betty is one of my oldest friends – so old in fact, that we can’t remember when we met – it was that long ago.  Betty’s bookclub read Scent of the Wild and invited me to come chat with them about the story.  And chat we did!  One reader asked if the story is literal or if it is an existential reach – wow, I guess I hadn’t thought of that.  Another said how much she liked Reggie and suggested that the next novel should be about him and how his life progresses.

I made lots of notes as I keep a file on comments I’ve received via mail, email and conversations, notes which may at some point turn into Novel #2.  There was no way to write down all the wonderful comments and suggestions I received from Betty’s group.  And  no way to express adequately how wonderful it was to be back in beautiful Charlotte with the dogwood and azaleas just bursting into bloom.

I doubt there could be a more perfect trip.  Thanks, Betty, and all who turned out for bookclub.  You made it fun and truly memorable for me.

Great lively conversations with these well-read women in Charlotte!

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Another Andi Pearson? Oh, no!

Friends, if you are ordering Scent of the Wild on Amazon, be aware that there is another Andi Pearson.  I was alerted to this by a reader who ordered the wrong book!  I use my full name Andi Gregory Pearson so check that and just double check that you’ve ordered Scent of the Wild either on ebooks (for your Kindle or other electronic reader) or in hard copy.

If you read the work by the other Andi Pearson (a Brit, I understand), let me know what you think.

And remember, if you want to order a hard copy of this paperback novel, send a check for $16.95 (+$2.50 shipping if needed) to me

Andi Pearson

1337 N. Ford St

Golden CO 80403

And happy reading!

Available now on Amazon!

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Book Group Boost to My Ego!

Thank you to Lisa R.

Book group fun!

and her delightful witty book group.  The discussion today of Scent of the Wild was interesting and many of your comments added dimension to the story.  I love that Jill thought Ken was “peaceful” by the end of the story and that Barbara felt the description of nature and the small town enhanced the fabric of the story.

If your book group is interested in reading Scent of the Wild, I’d be delighted to chat with you as you discuss the book.  You can contact me at agpwrites@gmail.com

And you can order your copy – I’ll sign it if you like – by sending a check for $16.95 (plus $2.50 shipping if it needs to be sent to you) to 1337 North Ford Street  Golden  CO 80403.


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Unsolicited Review of Scent of the Wild

Recently, Rick, an RN in Denver, ordered Scent of the Wild from Amazon.  After reading the story, he wrote:

You’ve successfully pulled at several frayed strings from my life.  I’ve chosen partners in my life poorly.  I’ve known Edie and Noreen.  How can one know in the beginning of a relationship what it’s future will hold?  Then, hanging in there and “doing the right thing” counts for so little later on, and accounts for so many lost years.  What buried emotional baggage causes us to continue seeking acceptance where none will ever be found?

For a work of fiction, your story reveals realities experienced across a lifetime.  Very well done!

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2017 – Debut Year

Yes, 2017 had its rocky bits but in late October, Scent of the Wild, my first novel, made its debut.  For good reading in 2018, you can get a copy by sending me a check for $16.95 + $2.50 shipping.  My address is  1337 N Ford St    Golden CO 80403

Recently, Ruth from NC said, “I usually skip long descriptive passages but I found the descriptions of Colorado’s rugged natural beauty to be enriching to the story.”

Happy New Year.


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Reading Tonight!

I’m reading tonight, December 12, at the Golden Public Library on 10th Street in Golden.  I’ll be there starting at 6pm and hope I’ll see you there!

Available now on Amazon!

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Ordering Scent of the Wild

I am just thrilled beyond words that so many of you have asked about ordering a copy of my novel, Scent of the Wild.  You cannot imagine how shored-up I feel knowing you want to read the story.  It’s always scary when one puts one’s creativity out there to be acknowledged and judged but many of you, from as far back as my junior high school days, are encouraging me through these purchases.

Keep in mind that if you do not live in Golden, and I do not sell the book to you in Golden, the cost is $16.95.  Shipping via media mail at the US Post Office is $2.63 so make your check for the total.

Mail it to me at

1337 North Ford Street

Golden CO 80403

And thank you again and again for your enthusiasm for my work!

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A review of Scent of the Wild from LouAnne Dale of Golden:

“I cried.”

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