AHA Moment

I guess Oprah coined the term “Aha moment” but I’m borrowing it.  I think that’s what I’ve recently experienced.  My favorite part of working on any project is that I get to know a person (sometimes more than one) much better for spending time together.  Last week, I worked on the church rummage sale.  A bright, attractive woman I’d chatted with only briefly was volunteering and as we sorted and folded, we found ourselves deepening our knowledge and understanding of each other.  She asked me several questions about my life and I answered.  Of course I left the encounter thinking she was a brilliant conversationalist because I got to talk about myself!  But here’s the Aha Moment.  I realized later that if I want to know something about the characters I’m writing, I should ASK THEM.  I should ask each character what he/she is thinking, feeling, perceiving.  I know I will get answers, answers that will make the story clearer and more personal, answers that I might not expect, answers that I might not have considered.  So not only am I grateful to this charming lady for enriching our relationship, I’m grateful to her for helping me see a new opportunity in developing characters.  I’d call that an AHA Moment, wouldn’t you?

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