Now, We’re In Trouble

“Writing is refined thinking.”  Stephen King

Ah, thinking.  Yes, it sounds like something we can do at the drop of  a hat.  “What are you thinking about?” mothers ask their children, spouses inquire of each other.  “A penny for your thoughts,” we say to each other.  It all sounds so easily accomplished, so mundanely achievable.  And maybe it is.

But are ‘thinking’ and ‘thoughts’ the same thing?  I have a million thoughts every day most of which are too banal and commonplace to relate.  Sometimes, I actually think about some topic – art or spirituality or genuine friendship.  I especially like to focus my thinking on gratitude and acceptance.

And now, in order to write about those topics, I have to refine my thinking?  Not just my thoughts but my actual drilled-down deep thinking, vigorous cogitating, major ruminating – all of this needs to be refined if I’m going to write about it?  This is not going to be easy – it could cause trouble to think too deeply and too refine-ed-ly, right?  But I’m game, I’ll give it a try.  Ok, Stephen King, I’m in.




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  1. Mark says:

    I have a friend who reminds me occasionally that we have 60,000 thoughts per day. “How many of those do you want to use up and lose to negative thinking?” she asks rhetorically. I don’t want to waste any of those 60,000 thoughts and leave less room for encouragement and positivity – so yes, it’s good (though challenging) to be more conscious of one’s thought life!

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