No Clear Winner

Every year, I make it a point to read the work of fiction that wins the Pulitzer Prize.  But according to today’s Denver Post, there is no clear winner in 2012.  Wow.  I guess that means that there were so many outstanding works of fiction that the committee just could not come to any agreement on a winner.

Turns out there is a great hue and outcry in the literary community because none of the three nominees was chosen to receive the prize.  The three works of fiction up for the award were “Swamplandia!” by Karen Russell, “The Pale King” by David Foster Wallace and “Train Dreams” by Denis Johnson. The Pulitzer Prize board members decided that none of the three finalists would receive the award.

Now I have three works of fiction to read. I think I’ll start with Denis Johnson, and I have to say that while I haven’t read “Train Dreams”, I have read Denis Johnson’s short stories and I find his work raw and gritty and totally readable.

I’ll get back to you.

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