I Never Thought…

There are certain words and combinations of words that I never thought I’d hear myself say.  Here are two recent – and to me, surprising – examples.

* It is Saturday and I have my own book of recipes lying on the kitchen counter.  I have all the ingredients to make zucchini cranberry bread – it’s so festive looking with the red and green.  I cut up three zucchini and toss them into the food processor.  Then I look again at the recipe – for two loaves of bread, I need three cups of zucchini.  I had planned to make double the recipe but now I discover I can’t do that.   “I don’t have enough zucchini,” I say.  Now, in the South in the summertime, you lock your car doors every time you get out of the vehicle.  This is because your neighbors have grown so much of the green vegetable that they will leave it in your car, or on your doorstep in the dark of night, as a way to rid themselves of it.  Children in the South eat zucchini steamed, stewed, roasted, grilled, mashed and fried – and any other way their mother and/or grandmother can think of.  So you can only imagine how shocked I was to say that somehow I did not have enough of it!

* I am chatting with my yoga instructor (she is the age of my son).  She is divorced and I am telling her about a man I know and maybe I can introduce them.  She says she is happy to meet him if he is “not weird.”  “Well, he has an earring and a tattoo and a soul patch but I don’t think that makes him weird.”  What? Did I say that?  What’s really age-defying is that I mean it!  If in Charlotte when I was a young woman, someone had tried to introduce me to a guy with those appearance characteristics, I would have laughed out loud – and definitely thought of him as “weird.”  But here we are in 2012, another world and another time and like everyone else, my definition of certain words has morphed, mellowed and meandered.  I love it.

And what about you?  Do you sometimes/often hear yourself say words you never thought you’d say?  Is it a sign of growth and change?  Does it make you smile?


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