Second in the Series

As promised, I read Swamplandia! by Florida author Karen Russell.  You will remember it is one of three novels nominated for the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (no winner was named).  You can read my complete review by clicking on Reviews but let me tell you, this was not my favorite book.  Russell makes excellent literary use of metaphor and simile and she tells an interwoven tale – I love almost anything that’s interwoven – of a very unusual family.  Her descriptions are carefully crafted and probably what keeps a reader going.  But when I got to the part about Ava and the Birdman – well, I found it upsetting.  Ava is 13 years old and – perhaps I should let you read it for yourself.  And I’ll be interested to hear what you think.

I’ve just gotten The Pale King (the third nominee for the Pulitzer) from the Golden library.  David Foster Wallace passed away before the book was complete and his editor had some mental and emotional conflict about publishing the work of a literary genius who died too young.  I’ll post a review when I’ve finished reading this doorstop of a book.

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