Is This Movie Possible?

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell is being made into a movie.  I cannot imagine how but Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and Hugh Grant are the (it seems to me) unlikely stars in this rich, beautifully written story that spans six different time periods.  Mitchell, who wrote the sweet, sensitive Black Swan Green, did an amazing job on the book and I for one cannot imagine how his interwoven use of the language can translate onto the screen.

Officially, the film’s trailer has been released and the movie runs 172 minutes.  It cost $100 million plus and is among the largest non-studio financed movies every made, according to the Wall Street Journal which calls the film “perhaps the most unorthodox film coming out this fall.”

Mitchell is quoted as saying that Cloud Atlas is “by quite a long way the least filmable of all my books.”  We’ll be the judge of that!

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