The Scariest Part

Today is Halloween and all the spider webs, skeletons, ghouls and spooks are out all around town.  I’m headed to a pre-school Halloween party this afternoon and I know it will be lots of fun.  But there is a scary part to all this.

Tomorrow is November 1st.  Yes, it is the beginning of NaNoWriMo – for the quill-deprived among us, that means National Novel Writing Month.  And the scariest part is that I plan to participate.  My goal is to spend a minimum of two hours per day (weekdays definitely, weekends hopefully) working on the novel.  Right now, I have no real plan so I may write mornings before or after exercise, I may stay at home with a Do Not Disturb or I Will Bite Your Head Off sign on my back or I may find peace and quiet and iced tea at Bean Fosters on Rt 6 and Heritage Road.  Whatever the time and place, I plan to make effective and creative use of this month.

How ’bout you?  If you are working and plan to participate, let me know.  There is lots of comfort in sharing the angst!

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