Words for Writers to Honor

Should you paint/ a credible sky/you must keep in mind/its essential phoniness.

Eduardo Hurtado

If you write fiction, these words resonate with you.  All of us who write believe we can paint a credible sky, that we can find the words and string them together in a form that is readable and that genuinely moves the reader.  But most of us don’t deceive ourselves – we know that what we write is ‘made up.’  I think it’s fair to say that the majority of us write based on our own experience and draw from our interactions with other humans – that includes our parents, our spouses, our children, our friends, even the wait staff at Tequila’s Mexican restaurant.  Experiences come through interaction – sometimes with humans and sometimes with nature – and often we filter and process these experiences and make a true effort to relay them through words.  We want with huge wanting for what we write to seem credible, warm with humanity, realistic and absorb-able.  But we have to keep in mind that what we write is a creation of our own mind – and may or may not be ‘real’ to someone else.  The ‘phoniness’ is the challenge – and on we write.

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