I wonder how many zillions of words there are in the English language.  And of course the definition of any given word depends on when and where one employs it.  For example, in the USA, the word ‘shag’ can mean:  carpet, dance, or a shortened version of shaggy.  In Great Britain (I’m married to a Brit), the word takes on an entirely different meaning, that of a…uh….let’s say an intimate relationship of a short period of time.

The website www.wordsmith.org is great for introducing and discussing new words.  You can subscribe, as I do, to a word-of-the day email.  Recently, the word was logophile which defines as one who studies words.  My friend Mary Anne says it should be the study of wooden posts – logs.  Seems logical to me but that’s part of the fascination of words, isn’t it??


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