The Importance of Proper Nouns

I’m a Mormon (LDS). One early member of our church left it because God misspelled his name in a revelation to him.   John Pratt, Orem, Utah

I found this quote on a website and definitely think it’s worth considering.  Our name is possibly our biggest badge of identity.  It’s out there in the world in both the spoken and written word, often going before us and certainly accompanying us.  So it’s important – the name, the way it’s spelled, the pronounciation, and certainly the connotation.  It’s possibly the most important proper noun.

Writers often research their characters’ names – the main character can’t be named something diminutive but rather a name that connotes strength, character, etc.  And sometimes parents research a name before giving it to a child.  Names that are difficult to spell and/or pronounce can hinder a child’s progress in life, according to many studies.  Easy to pronounce first names are often found attached to board members, presidents and CEOs of companies – I am not making this up.

My mother’s family is in rural South Carolina and she often told the story of barely literate neighbors who named their baby daughter DeVile because they found the word “devil” in the Bible and they added the ‘e.’  Maybe she went through life hoping people would misspell that one!

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