Craigslist Posting

You know I love to read craigslist – c’mon, you do, too.  The FREE section always has something that makes me smile or scratch my head or nod knowingly.  Here’s the one I found today:

 FREE Standard Size Interior Door with Small Hole (Niwot)

So of course I clicked on it and sure enough, there’s a photo of a door – from Home Depot we are told – with a hole in it.  Not in the middle, this hole, but rather at the top right of the white door.  The hole is round, not a bullet hole, not a fist-through-the-wall hole – I don’t know exactly what kind of hole it is.  Doesn’t matter.  The door with the small hole is free.  And just so you know, Niwot is a small community near Boulder whose distinction is that it is where Crocs began, not that this tidbit has anything to do with the door.

Anyway, I’m satisfied because I’ve had all the fun I can have today reading craigslist.  Now it’s time for a gin & tonic.  And tomorrow, I’ll take another look at craigslist.  Stay tuned.



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