Exactly How Much

“How much whining can you take?”  Cynthia and I walk for about an hour every Thursday morning.  I had just asked her about a strenuous hike she took the day before – hence, this reply.  She went on to say that yesterday’s hike was filled with scrim, holes in the path and a sharp, steep incline.

But her initial reply made me stop and think.  How much whining can one take?  I whine all the time about getting my short stories turned down, about getting my novel turned down.  And yet every time, I find that I make some improvement in my work, some tweak that I find, some new word or phrase or just some new way of writing that word or phrase – all of these things are positive.  My writing is better because some of it has been turned down – and many times, the rejection has included pointers that are very helpful.  So I hope that when you ask me about my work, I don’t wonder to myself, “How much whining can you take?”  I hope I tell you – I’m happy with the work I’m doing and I’m happy with the improvements I made in it and I’ll be happy when stories are complete and accepted and happy when my novel is finished and an agent snaps it up.

In the meantime, thanks for asking!

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