Being Schooled by a First Grader

Yesterday was Special Persons’ Day in our granddaughter’s first grade class.  We were excited and so, it seemed, was almost everyone else.  The room was packed and buzzed with voices and energy.  As we sat down near our granddaughter, a little girl came over to us.

“My daddy and stepmother are at work.  My mother is in Paris.  Can I be with you?”  It was obvious her front tooth was loose and the braid in her hair was frazzling already.

“Of course!  Come here and let’s take a selfie!”  Her name is Sarah and she is 6 years old.

We had a wonderful time.  The girls showed us the gold fish on their work table, read to us and performed their exercise and singing routine.  Their sweet first grade teacher welcomed everyone but then wisely let the kids and the excitement take over.

“Will you send the selfies and the video to my mother?  Her name is Estelle.”  We assured Sarah that we would.  When it was time to go, she hugged John and said, “Good-bye, Papa” just as our granddaughter had done.  Both girls waved to us as we left.

And that’s how I learned from a 6 year old that if you want something, you ask.  Sarah didn’t sit lonely and crying in a corner.  She walked over to us and asked if she could join us and we all had more fun because she was with us.  I hope I remember this wonderful lesson – if I want something, I need to ask.  The fun will follow.

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