Jaipur Literature Festival in Boulder CO

The Festival evidently began in Jaipur, Inida, and spread to the US.  It is several days in duration and events take place at various venues, including some under pop-up tents in the Boulder sunshine.

I went with one purpose – see my friend and fellow writer Jan Ellison.  Jan moderated a panel discussion which featured three authors, all of whom had begun their careers in journalism and all of whom, possibly coincidentally, were off different countries of origin.

I took notes and the ones that stuck me include:  Voice should respond to the grit of the story.  Find the personality who will take us into the larger story.  You cannot write if fear is sitting on your shoulder.  Writing comes from some sort of passion, the urge to tell our own story or someone else’s story.

Great discussion.  But the best part was getting to spend five minutes with my lovely, genuine, bright, creative friend Jan Ellison.  If you have not yet read her A Small Indiscretion, go get it now.   You will love it – and you will not meet a more down-to-earth author and friend.

With Jan Ellison in Boulder, CO

With Jan Ellison in Boulder, CO

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