I Am Not Making This Up

As most of you know, I am committedly into the agent search.  I know there is an agent out there who will get my novel published.  Since December 2014, I have received a number of rejection letters and emails, most very kind, some just short and sweet.  But this one which I received today is without a doubt, the absolute best so here it is in its entirety.

“Thank you for writing.  I appreciate your thinking of me, but have to decline.  I have a full and demanding list and haven’t been taking on new clients. I have found the last several years to be difficult for fiction publishing.  Books like yours, considered “literary, upmarket, quality fiction,” are consigned to the “midlist” category and frequently forsaken by the big publishers in favor of fiction that is high-concept, commercially marketable as a blockbuster, franchisable, which usually means it contains a zombie, an extraterrestrial, a videogame, BDSM or a drunken unreliable narrator who turns out to be the murderer.  I wish I were joking.  I’ve had a hard time selling good fiction and haven’t been willing to stretch myself to take on new writers who would require my care and attention when it’s been a struggle to maintain the careers of those to whom I am already committed.

Your book sounds promising.  I’m sure another agent would be pleased and honored to have you as a client.  I hope you find the right person who can help you get published with the attention and care you deserve.”

Now, be honest.  Did you laugh?  Cry?  Shake your head in wonder?  Yeah, me, too.

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