Should Come With Words of Warning

I’ve just spend 20 minutes – ok, 40 minutes – lost in Pintrest and hundreds of gorgeous table settings.  Long tablecloths, table runners, cloth napkins in every color imaginable, elegant silverware and sparkling glassware stand out against centerpieces of lights, flowers, fruit, candles on tall candlesticks – all just stunning.

And as I look at the wide variety of these table settings – most of them labeled “wedding” – I think they should come with words of warning.  “Use only if you do not have grandchildren or neighborhood kids attending this event.”  Can you imagine a sweet little child putting legs under the table only to have the long tablecloth get caught and all the dishes and glassware tugged toward him/her?  Can you envision little fingers that want to stick themselves into hot wax running down a beautiful pillar candle – and how hot that wax is and how upset that child would be?

I buy all my white dinnerware at The G Boutique (The Golden Goodwill) because when a china plate or mug is dropped – whether by a child or husband – eh, I mean, adult – I literally brush it off and brush it up.  We use cloth napkins (it’s environmentally sound and keeps red or green dye from showing up on kids’ clothes) and I throw them in the washing machine regularly so no real maintenance.  And I don’t have 42 matching cloth napkins in a blush pink color.  Most of mine are bandanas or material featuring a cowboy motif.  All our silverware came from a Macy’s sale and once used, goes right into the dishwasher.

So thanks, Pintrest.  You’ve given me great ideas and just looking at your lovely ideas  is totally relaxing.  I could spend hours viewing Mason jars with electric lights inside, centerpieces of lemons in a clear vase and flowers artistically arranged in them, charger plates with gold trim and of course plates that all match exactly.  It’s lots of fun but now I’m off to The G Boutique – I need to buy another white dinner plate and the sale is on.


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