The Power of a Word

You know I am interested in words – they mean a great deal to me and I try to chose mine carefully.  I just got back from a week in Cuba and the power of words was pointed out to me time and again.

I studied Spanish in high school for three years, my teacher was a Cuban.  I really liked it but rarely use the language these days.  My vocabulary is very good, my conjugation is not so great and my sentence construction is poor.

It didn’t matter in Cuba.  I used what words I know, made gestures and smiled.  Every time, the person I was communicating with did his/her best to understand and respond.  I don’t think the lack of language skills was the biggest issue – wanting to communicate and making the effort was.  So remember that whatever the language, whomever you are communnicating with, words are important.  When it comes to bridging the gap between you and another human, words count.

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