Which Day?

Experts say that if you misplace your car keys, you’re probably just forgetful.  But if you forget what the car keys are for, you may have dementia.  Just thinking about that makes me feel a little less foolish – and yes, stupid.

I went to the Book Project informational session at Lighthouse Writers’ Sunday afternoon.  Unfortunately, the Book Project informational session was held on Saturday afternoon.  I was only precisely 24 hours late.  Forgetful?  Demented?  Not sure.

The warm and talented Erika Krouse was leading a writing group, one segment of the Book Project, and they were finishing up as I arrived.  Erika explained I had missed the session but invited me to sit down with her and chat.  In about 15 minutes, she explained the Book Project in terms I could understand.  Erika is a talented writer and I know she would have preferred spending that time reviewing class notes, doing her own work or being at home with her 6year old son.  But she curled her feet up under her in the chair and answered my questions and gave me information to make an informed decision about the Book Project.  She did not make me feel foolish – or stupid – for missing the session, she just jumped right in to help me.

You can bet I’ll keep track of those car keys from here on out.

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