The Best Thing

Want to know the absolute best thing about getting older?  Well, here it is:  your children begin to forgive you.  Seriously, that is the apex, the ultimate, the top-drawer best thing.

I always felt I was in essence, the only parent my two children had.  If anything went wrong – they forgot an assignment, their hearts got broken, they fell off a bike, they had a virus or ear infection – whatever it was, I was to blame.  It was my fault.  I was the only parent and I was responsible for what happened and for their feelings about it all.  Yes, that is a lot of guilt for one person and I took on the entire hodful of that guilt.  And I don’t have to tell you that as kids grow up, there are piles of things that go wrong!  (There are also piles of things that go right – awards won, mates found, job success achieved, and so on.  However, these things they earned on their own.  I was not responsible.)

Now they are not children, they are my adult offspring.  And as they grow and mature and have a sense of time and a perspective that only a few years can provide, they are beginning to see things a little differently – and they are beginning to FORGIVE and to love with that forgiveness.  It’s the best thing about getting older –  watching this happen and feeling the sense of a complete circle of maturing emotions.  Ah, the process of life – how I savor it!

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