Years In the Making

Most of you who follow my blog – and therefore, follow me – know I’ve spent time querying agents and searching for a publisher for my novel.  That’s all behind me now.  This week, I signed a contract and made a deposit with BookMasters in Ohio to self-publish my story.  And I think I’ve finished tweaking some of the details that had been on my mind.  And I’ve sent out requests for blurbs – and three full printed copies of the manuscript.  One blurb is in hand and the other two are underway (and yes, I was surprised at who was enthusiastic to help and who was not and one I never even got a reply from).

So off we go.  A new adventure is underway and I’m involved with enthusiasm and with gratitude for all those who have helped me on this journey and for all those who are currently helping me.  Each step is fun and interesting and educational for me.  I’ll keep you posted.

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