Scent of the Wild –

After quite a journey, my novel, Scent of the Wild, is available!  The journey began at a writing workshop at the Taos Summer Writers Conference in 2010 – yes, it’s been a seven year process.

Like many writers today, I am self published.  I used BookMasters in Ohio and they did an excellent job.  I also had outstanding editors (plural), an attentive page layout desigenr and a cover designer who created exactly what I envisioned (never mind that I had to fire the first one because we just didn’t have the same image in mind).  All these folks and a number of friends and fellow writers gave their input and expertise and the result is definitely something of which I am proud.

You can order a copy here – $16.95 plus tax in Golden brings it to $18.25.  You can send me a check or I can charge it for you and I’m happy to mail (or drop it by your house) if that works.

I hope you enjoy the read!

Available now!


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