Another Andi Pearson? Oh, no!

Friends, if you are ordering Scent of the Wild on Amazon, be aware that there is another Andi Pearson.  I was alerted to this by a reader who ordered the wrong book!  I use my full name Andi Gregory Pearson so check that and just double check that you’ve ordered Scent of the Wild either on ebooks (for your Kindle or other electronic reader) or in hard copy.

If you read the work by the other Andi Pearson (a Brit, I understand), let me know what you think.

And remember, if you want to order a hard copy of this paperback novel, send a check for $16.95 (+$2.50 shipping if needed) to me

Andi Pearson

1337 N. Ford St

Golden CO 80403

And happy reading!

Available now on Amazon!

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