Tender – Unsolicited! – Review

Two days ago, a letter arrived in the mail.  I’m going to share a good portion of it with you because I found it tender and sweet and it touched me deeply.

The Scent of the Wild brought back so many memories of my own dysfunctional family histories – so well written – wonderful descriptions that made you aware of the personalities, feeling close enough to sense their hurts. … Those of us who love nature have the Scent of the Wild in us always.  As a 4-year old evacuee from London’s blitz during WWII I often took to the moors along (Dartmoor) in wonderful south Devonshire.  I felt so at home being close to the earth and seemed to identify with every small creature…just below my eyes on the ground….It amazes me how people like yourself can fill in the blanks of a wonderful plot and write so much detail…thank you again for sharing – I loved the book.

Thank you, M.M. for opening your heart and sharing with me how the novel brought memories and meaning into your thoughts and feelings.  I’m so very grateful.

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