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We record the Oprah show every day.  Every evening, I glance at the guest list and usually pass on watching.  But yesterday, James Frey author of A Million Little Pieces was on and I sat down with the intention of watching every move and absorbing every word.  You will remember Frey got in trouble five years ago when Oprah (and the rest of the media/world) discovered that his novel was fiction, that no part of it was a memoir as he claimed.  So he met with Oprah who asked him questions like, “What was the worst day like for you?” and so on.  I watched for approximately 17 minutes and I could not stand any more.  For an author, the man is amazingly inarticulate.  His answers were simplistic and gave no insight into his thinking, his reaction, his feelings, anything!  At one point, he related that he had asked himself, “How did I get here?”  Well, duh, you did some stupid things!  I was hoping to hear some genuine responses that shed light on human flaws, some deep-seated reasons for doing what he did, some – ok, I’ll say it – agonizing of his involvement in the process that predictably brought him down.  There was none.  Zip.  Nada.  There were no cerebral insights, no thoughtful examinations or scrutinized analyses that could lead to understanding and then acceptance of his behavior.

These are Oprah’s last eight shows.  She should host guests that are worth watching – like Cee Lo.

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  1. Linda Pilk says:

    Love your common sense analysis about Frey & appearance on Oprah. I didn’t see the interview & I’m glad.
    There is so little honesty in the world anymore. The world suffers because of it, and when dishonesty enters into art…disappointments follow!

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