The Flow of Life

I’ve recently gotten interested in proprioceptive writing and read the Metcalfe book on it.  I talked to my friend Brynn about it and she recommended the TED lecture series on Flow.  Today I watched (via the magic of YouTube) the lecture by Mr. Czikszentmihalyi.  One of his points is that research shows that once our basic needs (food, clothing, shelter) are met, increase in material possessions does not lead to increase in happiness.  This is basically the premise for the Ted Shadyac movie I AM.  Shadyac was a very wealthy Hollywood producer/director who said that when he moved into his seventh house (and it had 7,000 sq ft), he realized that it should make him happier – and it didn’t.  He began to delve into the psychology of what makes us happy and he decided that money and fame, past a certain point, did not.  The TED lecture started out with the premise in the form of a question “What makes life worth living?” and touched on the arts, religion, science, etc.  Shadyac explored how feelings affect our lives and health and the experiment with the yogurt will probably always stand out in my mind.  So how did I get from proprioceptive writing to yogurt?  Well, as a person and as a writer, it’s all part of the journey of exploration and expanding the mind in an effort to find meaning and challenge and, I believe, comfort and fulfillment in the lives we lead.

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