Meeting Sandra Dallas

Yesterday, the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum hosted author Sandra Dallas.  She has been a long-time supporter of the museum which has had its woes of late.  Anyway, the crowd was sizeable – I had to stand in the back – and the questions flew.  Someone asked her how many books she reads and she replied, “A couple a week.”  I stood in line and when it was my turn, I asked her to sign my copy of The Quilt That Walked to Golden which was a birthday gift from my dear friend Arline.  I handed her my business card and said she had helped me with one of my book review columns and I wanted to thank her in person.  She smiled and I thought how tired she looked.  I asked how many signings she’s done recently and she said, “Oh, about twenty.”  Still, even though I’m sure she was fatigued, she was lovely.  She smiled at every person and chatted briefly and answered little questions like mine while she signed books.  I’m always impressed and delighted by authors who take the time to smile and chat.  It certainly makes me feel the personal-ness, the inter-twine-ed-ness that connects us as readers and writers, as humans.

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