2017 – Debut Year

Yes, 2017 had its rocky bits but in late October, Scent of the Wild, my first novel, made its debut.  For good reading in 2018, you can get a copy by sending me a check for $16.95 + $2.50 shipping.  My address is  1337 N Ford St    Golden CO 80403

Recently, Ruth from NC said, “I usually skip long descriptive passages but I found the descriptions of Colorado’s rugged natural beauty to be enriching to the story.”

Happy New Year.


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Reading Tonight!

I’m reading tonight, December 12, at the Golden Public Library on 10th Street in Golden.  I’ll be there starting at 6pm and hope I’ll see you there!

Available now on Amazon!

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Ordering Scent of the Wild

I am just thrilled beyond words that so many of you have asked about ordering a copy of my novel, Scent of the Wild.  You cannot imagine how shored-up I feel knowing you want to read the story.  It’s always scary when one puts one’s creativity out there to be acknowledged and judged but many of you, from as far back as my junior high school days, are encouraging me through these purchases.

Keep in mind that if you do not live in Golden, and I do not sell the book to you in Golden, the cost is $16.95.  Shipping via media mail at the US Post Office is $2.63 so make your check for the total.

Mail it to me at

1337 North Ford Street

Golden CO 80403

And thank you again and again for your enthusiasm for my work!

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A review of Scent of the Wild from LouAnne Dale of Golden:

“I cried.”

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“From family and fiction I have learned most everything I know about the world; Scent of the Wild adds to both of those categories, a practical casebook of lived family therapy, a narrative that honors Fate and Destiny in heartwrenching detail.”

Antonya Nelson

author of Nobody’s Girl and Bound

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Now Available on Amazon!

You can now download Scent of the Wild from Amazon onto your e-reader!

I am thrilled to announce this and owe it to the diligence and patience of my husband who did all the heavy lifting.

So get the Scent of the Wild electronically and enjoy the story!

Available now on Amazon!

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Book Launch Party Great Fun!

Last Thursday evening was an author’s dream.  Surrounded by family, some nearby and some from far away, and about 75 friends, I got to read from my novel Scent of the Wild.  We had food from Old Capitol Grill & Smokehouse and Cheese Ranch, both in Golden.  Staff from the Golden History Museum went out of their way to make the evening stress-free for me and totally comfortable and enjoyable for the guests.

So grateful to all who made it a wonderful, memorable event!


Surrounded by family!

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Get Your Copy Today!

Thanks to all of you who have asked how you can order a copy of Scent of the Wild.

Price of each book is $16.95 and add Golden tax for a total of $18.25.  If you write your check for $20, that covers part of the shipping cost.  Make all checks out to me and send them to

1337 North Ford St     Golden CO     80403

Be sure to include the US mailing address where you would like the book to go.  Special pricing for 10+ copies ordered at the same time and shipped to the same address.  And I would love to talk to your bookclub via FaceTime or Skype!

Available now! See purchasing info here.


So far, reviews are good!  I hope you enjoy reading it, too.

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Robin Black’s Blurb

Wildly famous fiction writer Robin Black (Life Drawing, Crash Course) has this to say about Scent of the Wild.

Robin Black and Andi Pearson

is a beautiful, memorable book, threaded through with stunning poetry…so much wisdom here.  So real and powerful a world.  Andi Pearson has given us readers a true gift.

Scent of the Wild is $16.95 and with Golden tax, $18.25.  You can order by sending a check for $20 to 1337 N. Ford Street  Golden CO 80403 and I will drop a signed copy in the mail to you. Be sure to include your address.

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Scent of the Wild –

After quite a journey, my novel, Scent of the Wild, is available!  The journey began at a writing workshop at the Taos Summer Writers Conference in 2010 – yes, it’s been a seven year process.

Like many writers today, I am self published.  I used BookMasters in Ohio and they did an excellent job.  I also had outstanding editors (plural), an attentive page layout desigenr and a cover designer who created exactly what I envisioned (never mind that I had to fire the first one because we just didn’t have the same image in mind).  All these folks and a number of friends and fellow writers gave their input and expertise and the result is definitely something of which I am proud.

You can order a copy here – $16.95 plus tax in Golden brings it to $18.25.  You can send me a check or I can charge it for you and I’m happy to mail (or drop it by your house) if that works.

I hope you enjoy the read!

Available now!


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